Sheep Shenanigans

We awoke on Tuesday morning to find some unexpected visitors in the garden. A whole flock of them.
After some hasty phone calls to try to determine the owner, they seemed to be doing no harm – and indeed might save me having to cut the grass for a while – so we let them stay a while…

But then they seemed to get bored. A couple made a break for the main road, and sheep being sheep, the rest followed. So we decided swift action was required. Years of watching “One Man and his Dog” meant that Carolyn knew the best approach was to take a wide line, so as not to push them further in the wrong direction. Meanwhile I set off to identify the correct field and to ensure the gate was open.

Shepherding is not something either of us has been trained in. But the procedure went remarkably well. A couple of small groups split off and decided to investigate the holiday cottages, but we soon had the bulk of the flock back where they belonged. Well – where we hoped they belonged…

And the breakaway group made there way back through the woods to the top gate – which was open! Presumably retracing the steps of their original escape route.

We have never herded sheep before coming to Mull. But I suspect this won’t be the last time.

Posted by whenman