Lorem ipsum – and testing “more”

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nulla suscipit sollicitudin nulla. In lorem. Maecenas bibendum sodales lacus. What’s that all about then? Nam id ipsum sit amet lectus faucibus mollis. Maecenas rhoncus, ipsum sed eleifend suscipit, lorem odio luctus elit, ut rhoncus arcu magna a tellus. Mauris arcu quam, euismod vitae, sollicitudin a, viverra vitae, elit. Pellentesque feugiat.

This pseudo-Latin text is used as a place-holder until the real content is developed, or to direct attention to the design of the page, rather than the content. It originated in print type-setting, but has carried over into web page design.

In addition, I’m testing the use of the <!--more--> tag to display just an excerpt of this post…

Posted by whenman