Well that’s it – we exchanged on the old house today, so we’re defintely moving out! Just hope we have somewhere to move into soon… 😮

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“Solicitor Time”

Solicitors work at their own speed – which seems to range from “Dead Slow” to “comatose”. And over Christmas/New Year they go into complete hibernation, from which it is difficult to reawaken them. So things are not progressing very quickly at the moment. It takes a week to forward a letter from our purchasers solicitors, and at least another week to respond. And with inept queries such as “Our searches have failed to discover a mains water supply – please clarify”, it soon becomes rather frustrating.

Hope fully we’ll get them to engage second gear soon, and maybe they’ll have some contracts ready for us to sign before too much longer…

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A bit of a change…

The site has undergone a bit of a transformation today – to reflect the future rather than the past. It will continue to change over the coming months as we document our adventure… 🙂

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Great tit cam

Blackmires nestbox webcam
Better late than never – the Blackmires nestbox webcam is back – except that Great tits have taken over from the Bluetits this year! We think two have already fledged early this morning, so maybe the others will go tomorrow – though they still appear a little under-developed to be honest.

Sorry – the interface has changes since we last used camstreams, so you may have to download Microsoft Silverlight – though it only takes 30 seconds to install. Also some mobile devices don’t work too well – or maybe not at all…

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