Month: October 2015

Money to Burn?

Jura, The KLF, and geocaching

We found our first geocache on 3rd April 2004 at Accessible by Horse – the oldest cache in Northamptonshire. We took a CD from the cache, which had been placed there several months earlier by ZedFroce (“We left the CD as it contains possibly the worst piece of music that we have ever heard”). We played it in the car on the way home. Now I never was big on early 90s music – the 70s were more my era – and so I had never heard of The KLF, but the CD featured a recording of their “Justified and Ancient” track. It was a pleasant little ditty, largely consisting of the repeated phrase “All Bound For Mu Mu Land”; and it became our “geocaching anthem” over the next few months. Every time we went out caching I’d stick on the CD player in the car.

This evening, thanks to an innocuous comment on Paul Murton’s “Grand Tours of the Scottish Isles” (available on BBC iPlayer for a limited period) I discovered an unlikely link to those early days of geocaching. It seems that The KLF (now the “K Foundation”) achieved a certain amount of notoriety by burning (as in setting fire to) a million pounds on 23rd August 1994 – supposedly a reaction to their disillusionment with the music industry. And where did they perform this act? On the Isle of Jura – about 25 miles south of where we now live. This calls for a new geocache, I’m thinking…

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