Month: February 2015

Three Weeks

Three weeks today we will be waking up to this:


Eek! – better go and pack some more boxes…

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Wrath of the Gods

It sounds as though we have incurred the wrath of the Scottish Gods, and the country will be plunged into darkness upon our arrival on 20 March:


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OK – so we’re moving 450 miles. And there’s a ferry crossing involved. Access is admittedly a little tricky at both ends. And we probably need two vans, because we’ve collected a lot of stuff in 50 odd years…

But £7,000 to move it all??!?

I could buy my own van and set up a removal business for less than that…

We’ve finally managed to negotiate something for around half that figure – but moving home to live on an island can be expensive!

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Missives complete!

And a rather nervous nine days later we have finally “completed missives” – which means that we now have somewhere to move to!

Finally we can talk a bit more openly about the move – look for more updates here soon…

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Well that’s it – we exchanged on the old house today, so we’re defintely moving out! Just hope we have somewhere to move into soon… 😮

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